We are proud to be one of the 17 organizations supporting the March for Science!!!

At the Human Equality Love Project, it is our mission to achieve racial, social and environmental justice in our communities both locally and abroad. Across the United States, indigenous communities, communities of color and low income communities are fighting for social and environmental justice. These communities have been disproportionately affected by problems such as polluting industrial facilities, limited public healthcare, land or natural resource exploitation and restricted access to basics such as healthy food and clean water. Each of these scenarios come with their own set of health impact and safety hazards that HELP hopes to eradicate.

We believe science plays a crucial role, in not only solving these problems, but also in helping our communities advocate effectively for access to public healthcare, sustainability and environmental justice. Using scientific research and data these communities are better able to demand transparency and accountability from policymakers and corporations. By applying science mediums like biology, chemistry and the social sciences to both our social and environmental issues we can learn how to solve, or control, problems like environmental pollution and degradation. Utilizing alternative energy and medicinal solutions will eventually positively effect the carbon footprint we have on the planet. For this reason, and a thousand more, the Human Equality Love Project is proud to support the March for Science.


Saturday, April 22, 2017
The HELP Project  and 17 other local organizations
The March for Science – More Info
NW corner of Red Arrow Park, Milwaukee Wi  – View Map