Hosted by Toddlers and Kids on a Mission and The HELP Project.

We are excited to be partnering with TOAM on this MLK Jr. National Day of Service event.

In the city of Milwaukee, there are close to 1,500 people who do not have a place to call home. Partnering with The Help Project we will pack On the Go Bags- gallon sized ziploc bags with things like lip balm, small toiletries, and socks. On the Go Bags will not create a complete solution but they will provide temporary comfort especially during the brutal Milwaukee winter months.

CLICK HERE for Event’s Date, Time & Location


Our children will see that through teamwork, they can make a difference. By focusing on basic necessities for some of our most vulnerable Milwaukee citizens, children will extend dignity and respect to others. As a parent/caregiver, you will have a constructive response the next time you and your children cross paths with one of our homeless Milwaukee neighbors.


Recipients of our On the Go Bags will have some basic needs met but they will also be acknowledged as humans, deserving of respect like the rest of us!

So excited to announce this event is SOLD OUT!  However, we still need donations to make this event a HUGE success!!! Here are the details on how you can help!!
Cash Donations:
You can make a cash donation to The HELP Project that will be used for:
  • 1 Day Bus Passes ($4 per card)
  • $2 will go into each On the Go bag
  • Any leftover cash donations will go towards purchasing food items or personal care items for the bags
The HELP Project is accepting cash donations via Paypal:
Cash donations can also be dropped off at the locations listed below.
If you would like to donate a specific item(s) here is our wish list!!
Wish List
  • 1 Day M-Card Bus Passes
  • $4 per card
  • Quantity needed: 60
These cards can be bought at the following locations:
  • Any Pick n Save location
  • Shorewood Metro Market (4075 N. Oakland Ave)
  • Milwaukee Metro Market (1123 N. Van Buren St,)
For a full list of where to purchase M Cards go to:…/mcts-m-card/where-to-buy
Food and Personal Items:
  • Trail mix (individual packs)
  • Jerky (individual packs)
  • Dried fruit (individual packs)
  • Winter Hat
  • Water bags
To make it simple we created an Amazon Wish List – “On the Go Bags”
All orders will ship to The HELP Project
Donations can also be dropped off at one of these locations:
  • 4015 N. Prospect Avenue, Shorewood (leave on front porch)
  • 4012 N. Farwell Avenue, Shorewood (leave on front porch)