Mission – to empower children of all ages to work with their caregivers to build relationships and strengthen the Milwaukee community through partnerships and service experiences in an inclusive environment.

Vision – to instill the belief in our children that they are responsible for and capable of being dynamic and change-making citizens within their community.

Values -Toddlers and Kids on a Mission strives to provide an environment where all children and families feel safe and affirmed, valued and reflected. We are unaffiliated with any faith traditions or other organizations. We partner with diverse, established, and effective organizations within Milwaukee that, like us, recognize the capability of children to make change, serve others, and build relationships.

TOAM offers affordable and frequently free activities for participants. Their missions are scheduled to fit the needs of partnering organizations and families, like HELP.  They do not have a set time or date for each event’s meeting (except for our playdates)but at least one event a month is scheduled. They make a strong effort to schedule weekday, after-school, and weekend events to meet other’s busy day-to-day personal schedules. They have a large base of young volunteers but some of those children are now school-age which means they plan those after-school and weekend events to span a wide age-range for our toddlers and kids. They encourage parents and kids to create their own mission based on their passions and interests.  Visit their website at www.toammke.org and see their missions accomplished page for stories and photos of past missions.

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